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What is historical translation?

Historical translation is one of the most important translations, and it depends on translating everything related to historical matters.
Jawda Educational Services Company works to provide these services in a professional manner at the hands of an elite group of specialists in the field of historical translation.
And submit it with high accuracy to be Certified by all Certified bodies and embassies around the world.

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Jawda company

The best historical translation office

Jawda Company is one of the oldest companies that provides certified translation services in all fields, while providing a work team in all fields in order to obtain accurate translations.
The historical translation service in the Jawda Office has a specialized team to prepare professional translation in various historical sciences, whether Pharaonic written in hieroglyphic script or translation of Coptic history texts or ancient Egypt.
We provide certified translation of all historical sciences, ancient documents and manuscripts into more than 35 languages with complete professionalism.
We also offer the best prices in the Arab world and the Gulf countries for translating everything you need to do scientific research in a professional and reliable manner.
We have customer service that helps you reach the best results in translation and answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to request the service now…

Services provided by us in

Historical translation

  • Translating archeology with its various specialties.
  • Translation of ancient Egyptian fonts.
  • Translation of hieroglyphic script.
  • Coptic script translation.
  • Translation of the demotic script.
  • Translation of Islamic history.
  • Translation of ancient manuscripts.
  • Translation of historical documents.
  • Translation of literary texts.
  • Translation of economic history.
  • Translation of papyri.

How is the translation done?

The translation is prepared according to a number of steps and stages as follows:

1 Receiving the file from the customer.
2.Start communicating with the customer and agree on all conditions
3- Agreeing on the price, and the time period for receiving the file from the customer, suitable for completing the work.
4- Signing notarized contracts bearing the conditions guaranteeing the rights of both parties.
5.Receiving the file from the customer.
6.Communicate with the customer periodically, and initiate a technical review.
التواصل مع العميل بشكل دوري، والبدء في المراجعة العملية.

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