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Scientific translation is one of the most accurate translations that requires a high degree of concentration. There are a number of main points that must be taken into account during scientific translation with Jawda Company, the most important of which are the following:

Transfer information with high accuracy.
Objectivity and honesty in conveying the original idea.
Arrange the elements in the same way as the original text.
Use symbols and shortcuts.
Therefore, Jawda Company has an elite group of senior professors with the highest degrees in the medical fields, especially the field of blind translation.

Which makes the Jawda Office for Scientific Translation the best choice for anyone who needs to translate medical examinations or medical reports to and from any language.

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Jawda company

The best scientific translation office

Jawda Company is one of the oldest companies that provides certified translation services in all fields, while providing a work team in all fields in order to obtain accurate translations.

The translation of scientific research in the Jawda Office is done by specialists, who provide a group of the best translators in this field, in addition to spell checking.

We provide certified translation of documents, scientific research, and everything that covers the scientific field into more than 35 languages with complete professionalism.

We offer the best prices in the Arab world and the Gulf countries to translate everything you need in the medical field in a professional and certified manner.

We have customer service that helps you reach the best results in translation and answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to request the service now…

Services provided by us in

Scientific translation

  • Translation of scientific theses.
  • Translation of scientific research.
  • Translation of scientific documents.
  • Translating scientific lectures.
  • Translation of master’s theses.
  • Translation of doctoral theses.
  • Translation of scientific books.
  • Translation of scientific journals.
  • Translation of patents.
  • Certified scientific translation.
  • Translation of scientific articles.
  • Translation of scientific texts.

How is the translation done?

The translation is prepared according to a number of steps and stages as follows:

1 Receiving the file from the customer.
2.Start communicating with the customer and agree on all conditions
3- Agreeing on the price, and the time period for receiving the file from the customer, suitable for completing the work.
4- Signing notarized contracts bearing the conditions guaranteeing the rights of both parties.
5.Receiving the file from the customer.
6.Communicate with the customer periodically, and initiate a technical review.
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