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Simultaneous translation is one of the different types of translation. Simultaneous translation is defined as the method used to communicate between people at the same time.
We can also define simultaneous translation as oral communication between a number of people speaking different languages.
Therefore, Jawda Company has an elite group of senior professors with the highest degrees in the medical fields, especially the field of medical translation.
The translator has many responsibilities. The translator must transfer the idea between people who speak different languages, from the source language to other languages, without changing the meaning. If the translator had done the opposite, he would have had serious obstacles.
Which makes Jawda Office for Medical Translation the best choice for anyone who needs to translate medical examinations or medical reports to and from any language.

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Jawda company

The best simultaneous translation office

Jawda Company is one of the oldest companies that provides certified translation services in all fields, while providing a work team in all fields in order to obtain accurate translations.
Simultaneous translation is considered one of the most difficult types of translation, and it is more difficult than consecutive translation, in which the speaker allows some time for the translator to transfer the speech into the other language, while simultaneous translation does not allow the speaker to give the translator time to translate.
Jawda Company for Translation and Educational Services provides a number of interpreters trained according to the academic method, so Jawda Company is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for interpreters.
We have customer service that helps you reach the best results in translation and answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to request the service now…

Services provided by us in

Simultaneous translation

  • immediate translation.
  • Instant translation on the phone.
  • Simultaneous translation of meetings.
  • Simultaneous translation for conferences.
  • Simultaneous translation in all fields.
  • Certified interpretation.
  • Accurate simultaneous translation.
  • Consecutive translation service.
  • Simultaneous translation service for business meetings.
  • Oral interpretation.
  • Face-to-face interpretation.
  • Medical interpretation.

How is the translation done?

The translation is prepared according to a number of steps and stages as follows:

1 Receiving the file from the customer.
2.Start communicating with the customer and agree on all conditions
3- Agreeing on the price, and the time period for receiving the file from the customer, suitable for completing the work.
4- Signing notarized contracts bearing the conditions guaranteeing the rights of both parties.
5.Receiving the file from the customer.
6.Communicate with the customer periodically, and initiate a technical review.
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