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Financial translation is one of the most important types of translations that most international and emerging companies need when they need to personalize their financial transactions with customers in different languages.
Therefore, we at Jawda Company specialize in this type of translation. We have a group of certified experts in the field of financial translation who have sufficient experience in the financial sector so that the translation is accurate while ensuring quality and preserving data.
Which makes Jawda Office for Financial Translation the best choice for anyone who needs accurate and certified professional translation to and from any language.

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Jawda company

The best financial translation office

Jawda Company is one of the oldest companies that provides certified translation services in all fields, while providing a work team in all fields in order to obtain accurate translations.
Financial translation in Jawda Office is carried out by specialists in the financial sector who are certified translators, as financial translations require more investigation and scrutiny from people who are fully aware of everything related to financial transactions to ensure the accuracy of the translation in addition to spell checking.
We provide certified translation of income statements, general budgets, reports, contracts, and everything that includes the financial sector.
We provide translation into more than 35 languages with complete professionalism.
We offer the best prices in the Arab world and the Gulf countries to translate everything you need in the medical field in a professional and certified manner.

Services provided by us in

Financial translation

  • Translation of income statements.
  • Translation of annual reports.
  • Translation of securities reports.
  • Translation of balance sheets.
  • Translation of instructions
  • Translation of guidance for the financial statement.
  • Translation of insurance-related documents.
  • Translation of public and private offerings.
  • Translation of financial audit reports.
  • Translation of cash flow statements.
  • Translation of government tax reports.
  • Translation of business plans.

How is the translation done?

The translation is prepared according to a number of steps and stages as follows:

1 Receiving the file from the customer.
2.Start communicating with the customer and agree on all conditions
3- Agreeing on the price, and the time period for receiving the file from the customer, suitable for completing the work.
4- Signing notarized contracts bearing the conditions guaranteeing the rights of both parties.
5.Receiving the file from the customer.
6.Communicate with the customer periodically, and initiate a technical review.
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