Jawda office for translation of government documents

Government documents are among the documents that most require correct translation when they are addressed to countries or institutions in different languages.
Therefore, translation of government documents is considered one of the most famous types of certified translation, which we have been providing at Jawda Company for many years, which is considered the best certified translation office in Egypt.
We have many professors and experts in the field of translating government documents of all kinds with high accuracy and complete professionalism.

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Jawda company

The best translation office for government documents

Jawda Company is one of the oldest companies that provides certified translation services in all fields, while providing a work team in all fields in order to obtain accurate translations.
The translation of government documents and documents in Jawda Office is done by specialists in this type of translation, which are directed to embassies and governments when they are requested.

Therefore, we always strive to provide the translation service without any errors while maintaining the confidentiality of customer information.
We provide translation into more than 35 languages with complete professionalism.
We offer the best prices in the Arab world and the Gulf countries to translate everything you need in the medical field in a professional and certified manner.
We have customer service that helps you reach the best results in translation and answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to request the service now…

Services provided by us in

Translation of government documents

  • Translation of marriage and divorce documents.
  • Translation of licenses of all kinds.
  • Translation of educational materials.
  • Translation of legal cases.
  • Translation of contracts of all kinds.
  • Translation of birth certificates.
  • Translation of reproduced texts.
  • Translation of public notices.
  • Translation of academic certificates.
  • Translation of medical records.
  • Translation of financial reports.
  • Translation of marketing brochures.
  • Translation of government documents.
  • Translation of judicial rulings.
  • Translation of security and safety notices.
  • Translation of software documentation.
  • Translation of guidebooks.

How is the translation done?

The translation is prepared according to a number of steps and stages as follows:

1 Receiving the file from the customer.
2.Start communicating with the customer and agree on all conditions
3- Agreeing on the price, and the time period for receiving the file from the customer, suitable for completing the work.
4- Signing notarized contracts bearing the conditions guaranteeing the rights of both parties.
5.Receiving the file from the customer.
6.Communicate with the customer periodically, and initiate a technical review.
التواصل مع العميل بشكل دوري، والبدء في المراجعة العملية.

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