Translation Office for Civil ID Card

Translation Office for Civil ID Card

Translation offices for Civil ID Card

Translation Office for Civil ID Card In our current era, many young people aspire to travel abroad, whether for study, work, or leisure. In this case, they need to translate all their documents and official papers, which drives them to search for a translation office for Civil ID Card because it is one of the most important documents that prove people’s identities. Therefore, Jawda Translation Office for certified translation provides a service for translating all files, documents, and official papers, especially the documents individuals need when traveling, efficiently and with high quality. It translates Civil ID Cards or other documents quickly and delivers them on time. The civil ID card is issued by the Civil Status Department, in addition to the Ministry of Interior, to prove that the citizen does not have any criminal suspicions that may hinder their travel. The national or personal identity card is very important because it confirms the identity of its holder. Certified translation means translating all types of documents, papers, and official certificates in a certified translation office and by a certified translator.

Certified translation is done by transferring the written text exactly as it is without any changes but in the language the client wants. If you want to obtain a travel visa to enter the targeted country, its embassy will definitely ask you to translate all your papers, and in this case, you will need a translation office for Civil ID Card from Arabic to English or any other language the client needs because it is a basic requirement for obtaining the visa.

Translation has been known since ancient times, starting from the era of ancient Egyptians, then passing through the Greeks and Romans, and it has continued to evolve over the ages and is still present until now. It is a very important tool that facilitates communication between people of different nations and nationalities. It also enables you to learn about the civilization and cultures of other countries. Therefore, the demand for certified translation is constantly increasing, leading people to need a translation office for Civil ID Card to assist them.

The best translation office for Civil ID Card

Translation Office for Civil ID Card

There are many translation offices, but not all of them are reliable and can be relied upon. That’s why we find many people looking for a translation office for their Civil ID Card, which leads us to recommend Jawda office to them, as it is a specialized office that includes a group of the best certified translators globally. They have many years of experience in this field and are continuously trained to ensure that the client receives accurate and high-quality translations free from any linguistic or written errors, ensuring their acceptance. There are several elements that must be present when translating an ID card to ensure that the official entity receiving it knows that it is certified. These elements include the translation office logo, the signature of the translator accredited by the ministry, and the card should also be accompanied by a declaration from the translator confirming that this text is an exact copy of the original text without any changes, whether by addition or subtraction. Additionally, the documents should include contact information for the office, such as phone number and address, to facilitate access if the embassy needs it.

Our office includes an outstanding technical support team consisting of a group of customer service representatives who are available continuously throughout the week to answer the client’s inquiries and provide them with available offers and discounts. This is because our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and meet their demands. Additionally, we have a large group of global experts specialized in translating Civil ID Cards who work efficiently and accurately. We also have a very important advantage, which is providing online translation services to clients, meaning that the client is not required to visit our office to obtain the translation. Instead, they can receive it from anywhere by sending the documents they want to be translated to the office’s email, and the translator will translate them and send them back.

There are several reasons why people need to search for a translation office for their ID card:

When you want to obtain a specific visa while you are in a foreign country, they may ask for a translation of your Civil ID Card.
When you are about to travel, it helps you to obtain the visa, which serves as permission to enter the country you are traveling to.
When you want to obtain a work permit in a foreign country.
You also need a translation office for your ID card to help you obtain the translation when applying for a scholarship in a foreign country.
When you apply to renew your national ID card at a foreign embassy, you need it.
Also, when you want to clear a tender in one of the banks, all of these situations prompt you to seek the assistance of a Civil ID Card translation office.

Translation Requirements

Some countries impose specific conditions tailored to serve their institutions. For instance, certain nations select designated translators, granting them accreditation while rejecting translations from others. However, there are fundamental elements that must be present in documents. Hence, it’s imperative to engage with a Civil ID Card translation office to ensure embassy or consulate approval, as previously outlined conditions. There are several specifications for accurate translation, which we’ll outline below:

Avoiding Writing Errors: Professional accredited translations must be free from spelling, grammatical, and syntactical errors. Thus, the translator must adhere to linguistic rules, including punctuation, to deliver accurate and flawless texts.

Conveying Meaning: The Civil ID Card translation office should aim to convey the intended meaning and purpose of the texts, facilitating easy comprehension for readers.

Appropriate Terminology: The office utilizes suitable terms and phrases relevant to the field being translated, selecting organized and cohesive expressions consistent with each other and conveying the same meaning as the original terms.

Cultural Understanding: The translator’s cultural background is integral to translations such as Civil ID Cards and other documents since it reflects in the translator’s style. Therefore, the translator should be well-versed in the culture of the target language.

Documents Translated by Civil ID Card Translation Office

The Jawda office translates Civil ID Cards, tax cards, personal identification cards, and various certificates such as graduation certificates, master’s thesis translations, doctoral thesis translations, grade statements, experience certificates, military service certificates, visa translations, medical reports, budgets, property contracts, bank account statements, records, commercial agreements, death certificates, and birth certificates.

Additionally, the office translates all types of contracts, including employment contracts, marriage contracts, divorce documents, commercial registers, driver’s licenses, and employment letters containing employee information. The office offers several types of accredited translations, including:

Financial Translation: This involves translating all financial documents used by financial institutions, whether private or governmental, which is highly complex and requires experts in the financial field familiar with financial terminology.

Immediate Translation: The Civil ID Card translation office provides immediate translation services, greatly aiding the success of conferences and seminars.

Medical Translation: Most travelers require translation of medical papers and reports if they are traveling to complete their treatment in a foreign country. The Civil ID Card Translation Office, or more accurately, the Jawda office, provides legal translation services, engineering contracts, accredited translations, and more.

What are the best certified translation offices in Egypt?

Due to the high demand for certified translation services, there are many certified offices, but not all of them are good and trustworthy. Therefore, we recommend Jawda office, as it translates identity cards, all papers, reports, and official documents, by a group of the best certified translators who have many years of experience in this field. This ensures that you get a 100% accurate translation without any errors, fully matching the original text and conveying the same meaning, which the reader can easily understand.

Who translates ID cards at Jawda office?

Jawda office has a large group of accredited translators who are continuously trained and specialize in all types of translation and in various languages that the client may need. This ensures that you get accurate and reliable translation.

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