Legal Translation Office in Abu Dhabi

The best legal translation office in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a legal translation office in Abu Dhabi to help you with translating your files and documents? Do you want to contract with a professional legal translation office that stands out in professionalism? If so, you are in the right place with Jawda office, where you can get accredited translation for all your personal needs with the highest international quality standards. It also provides you with accredited legal translation service in Abu Dhabi, saving you time, effort, and providing the best competitive prices.

Legal Translation Office in Abu Dhabi

Jawda Legal Translation Office is one of the most reputable legal translation offices in Abu Dhabi. It boasts a large group of legal translators who possess extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of legal systems. Additionally, the office includes a team of top linguistic experts and qualified project managers capable of carrying out legal translation tasks with utmost proficiency.

Being an accredited legal translation office in Abu Dhabi, Jawda is recognized and approved by embassies, government entities, and legal institutions. Moreover, the office offers all types of certified translations to various entities, including law firms, ministries of justice, embassies, and media establishments.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering translation services with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Why Jawda Translation Office is the Best Legal Translation Office in Abu Dhabi

We pride ourselves on being the best in legal translation in Abu Dhabi because we strive to meet all our clients’ needs while providing high-quality legal translation services. Legal translation is one of the most challenging types of translation as it requires a specialized translator with legal expertise, and we have exactly that in our certified translation office in Abu Dhabi. We are meticulous in selecting the best language translators who possess the necessary educational backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and linguistic skills because the translator is the cornerstone of successful translation.

Our legal translation office works quickly and efficiently to carry out tasks.
We work diligently to provide services for translating legal documents and papers.
Our legal translation office in Abu Dhabi provides accredited translation services, making our translations recognized by government authorities.
We operate full-time at our legal translation office in Abu Dhabi.
We offer the best prices that you won’t find in any other translation office in Abu Dhabi.
We provide all Legal translation services in the United Arab Emirates and Sharjah.

Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Our legal translation office offers a wide range of translation services for various fields. By availing our services, you can trust us and be assured that we will translate your files with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Legal Translation: Our legal translation office in Abu Dhabi provides certified legal translation for numerous law-related topics. We have expert legal translators who handle various documents in this field, including legal contracts, judicial summons, birth certificates, military service completion certificates, court experts and specialists’ reports, legal articles, research papers, and commercial agency memorandums.

Specialized and Non-Specialized Translation: Our legal office offers specialized and non-specialized translation services, covering scientific, medical, legal, commercial, industrial, religious, historical, engineering, tourism, sports, literary, and marketing materials. We ensure professional and high-quality translation in all specialized fields.

Economic Translation: Many companies require translation of budgets and reports received from other countries. They turn to certified translation offices to ensure accurate translation with the intended meaning. Our office handles translation of banking documents, commercial correspondence, financial budgets, accounting, company reports, and activities.

Medical Translation: We specialize in translating medical reports, test results, pharmaceutical certificates, research, conferences, theses, and radiology reports. Additionally, we offer certified medical report translation services.

Document and Certificate Translation: Our team of specialized translators handles the translation of official documents and certificates, such as birth certificates, national identity cards, graduation certificates, invoices, and others. We adhere to strict standards and guidelines to avoid any errors.

Marketing Translation: We assist in presenting your services and products in multiple languages for various industrial, investment, educational, and marketing sectors. We translate different brochures and promotional materials to enhance and strengthen your business activities.

Scientific Translation: We provide translation services for academic scientific papers, including master’s and doctoral theses, research projects, and other scientific papers, using the expertise of our globally certified translators.

Screen, Video, and Audio Translation: Our certified office in Ajman offers professional translation services for audiovisual materials such as television and radio programs, scientific and medical content, and all types of videos used by companies to promote their products and attract more viewers.

Translation for Digital Content and Websites: We translate articles, website service descriptions, and applications into different languages to expand your reach and target international audiences.

Engineering Translation: Our translation office in Abu Dhabi offers certified translation for construction reports and engineering drawings.

Journalistic Translation: Our office in Abu Dhabi provides translation services for reports and journalistic publications.

Legal Translation Prices in Abu Dhabi

There are many legal translation offices in Abu Dhabi, and prices vary from one office to another. However, at Jawda Office, we offer the best prices you won’t find with any other company because we follow several steps to determine the rates.

Firstly, we evaluate the documents and files to be translated in terms of volume and time required for translation, done by our account coordinator.

We assign the texts to translators who are most suitable for their specific expertise.

We determine the number of pages, text length, and the target language for translation.

Finally, we establish a price that suits the client to ensure that the translation service is not a burden on them.

Who are the best legal translation offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

Jawda Translation Office is considered one of the most important legal translation offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is because it provides legal translation services, which are among the most challenging types of translations due to their confidentiality, precision, and the abundance of specialized terminology. It is not easy to have them translated accurately anywhere as envisioned by many.

Can I get fast translation services for legal documents?

Jawda Company offers fast translation services, allowing you to specify the desired delivery time. We will deliver the translation within the agreed-upon deadline, ensuring that the files are translated accurately and without errors.

Does Jawda Office guarantee the confidentiality of contract and legal document information during translation?

Jawda Office commits, during the translation agreement, to protect all customer information and maintain complete confidentiality regarding their legal documents.

How to contact Quality Translation Company?

You can contact Jawda Certified Translation Company through social media platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp, or via phone call. Our customer service team will respond to you and answer all your inquiries regarding the services provided by Quality Translation Company, as well as provide you with our office addresses. We have certified translation offices located in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed. Moreover, we are also known as the best certified translation office for birth certificates, passport translation, commercial registration translation, success certificates and graduation certificates, national ID card translation, movement certificates, and not only that, but you can rely on us for various translation services such as marketing translation, engineering translation, journalism translation, economic translation, medical translation, digital content translation, legal translation, video translation, scientific book translation, contract translation, commercial translation, and we are known as the best certified feasibility study translation office in Egypt.

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