legal translation office in Sharjah

legal translation office in Sharjah

Legal Translation Offices in Sharjah

legal translation office in Sharjah provides esteemed clients with accredited legal translation services, as it is considered one of the most important and challenging types of translation. Legal translation involves translating documents related to the law, such as contracts and provisions. Legal entities require the translation of these documents into another language in order to precisely determine the intent of formulations and legal terminologies. This necessitates a legal translator who is well-versed in all laws and their terminologies. This is why Jawda Accredited Translation Office takes the lead as the first and foremost accredited legal translation office in Sharjah and its neighboring cities.

The Best Legal Translation Office in Sharjah

legal translation office in Sharjah

There are numerous legal translation offices in Sharjah. Despite the large number, Jawda Office stands out as one of the foremost and most important certified translation offices among them. This is due to its accreditation from government authorities that require legal translation services. As a result, it is categorized as the best legal translation office in Sharjah, offering various services and features to its clients during mutual transactions.

The accredited legal center places its commitment to the primary goal of translation, which is to create a suitable and alternative format that matches the document in text and subject, while considering the customs and relevant terminology associated with the subject. The concept is highlighted through a highly professional and qualified team of translators and editors in this field and related domains.

The office’s translators are well-versed in all sources and languages used. They possess deep knowledge of legal systems across different countries and have a profound understanding of the diverse documents that can be translated into other languages. Each of them is well-qualified and trained to study the subject of translation, with a strong connection to various documents that can be translated into other languages.

We have a team of qualified project managers capable of completing legal translation tasks to the fullest extent. We perform legal translation from Arabic to English.

We provide linguistic proofreading services for legal documents and meticulously review them multiple times to avoid any errors.

All our company’s translators come with educational backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge, in addition to linguistic skills, as the translator is the fundamental pillar that ensures the success of the translation.

We execute translation tasks as swiftly as possible without any occurrence of errors.

We assist you in enhancing your business activity through the certified translation services we provide to you, dear customer.

We offer online certified translation services.

We are considered the first accredited and authorized office by government entities and embassies.

We are the first accredited TransLishon institution by embassies, government entities, legal institutions, and consulates. Moreover, we provide certified translation services for all embassies in various languages and for many entities, such as law firms, ministries of justice, embassies, and media institutions. One of our key differentiators is that we provide translation services with utmost accuracy and speed. We have a track record of accomplishments in Legal translation services in various Arab and foreign countries, such as Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, and Al Ain.

The Legal Translator at Jawda Legal Translation Office in Sharjah

The legal translator is a specialized individual in the field of law who is entrusted with translating and certifying documents. The documents they translate are all official documents, authenticated by a stamped declaration, from the original language to the target language. However, not anyone can be a legal translator; there are several conditions that must apply to the translator in order to become a legal translator.

They must have a comprehensive understanding of the law.
They should be well-versed in the legal systems of both the target and source languages, along with their respective purposes.
They need to possess extensive knowledge and familiarity with specialized legal terminology.
The element of competence must be present in their specialized legal writing in the target language.

Legal Translation Office Prices in Sharjah

Translation prices vary depending on the field in which translation is required and the number of pages. We evaluate documents based on their size, the time required for translation, the length of the text, and the target language. This assessment is carried out by our dedicated account coordinator at the office.

We deliver the texts and documents to be translated to translators with appropriate capabilities.

Upon completing the assessment, we determine the price. However, this does not mean that our prices are high. We present to you the most affordable prices available among translation companies to ensure that we don’t burden you during the agreement.

How can a translation be accurate?

Several factors can confirm that a translation is accurate and reliable, including:

Language: The translator must have a high level of language proficiency and a deep understanding of linguistic translation. Additionally, the translator should possess strong comprehension, paraphrasing, and expression skills using the latest effective methods. The translated content must be linguistically correct and devoid of any ambiguity.

Terminology: The translator must be well-versed in all the terminology specific to the relevant field of translation. They should express these terms with utmost clarity to avoid any errors when presenting the translation to the concerned parties.

Cultural Competence: The translator should exhibit the necessary cultural competence while adhering to its standards. They must have the ability to translate legal documents and rulings accurately into different languages.

Is Jawda office accredited by all embassies and authorities?

Absolutely, yes. Jawda office is accredited by all embassies and government authorities. So, you can deal with us with confidence. All the documents we translate are in accordance with the original text, dated, and bear the office logo and details.

What are the documents that Jawda Translation Office can translate?

We work on translating all legal-related documents such as contracts, licenses, terms and conditions, privacy policies, lawsuits, birth certificates, passport translation, military service completion certificates, translation of judges’ and experts’ reports, legal articles and research, commercial agency memoranda, patents, arbitration documents, adoption papers, phone call records used as evidence, police investigations, property ownership documents, lease contracts, permits, trademarks and deposit certificates, complaints, summonses, legal pleadings, partnership deeds, copyright and intellectual property rights, service agreements, warranty instructions, distribution agreements, registration documents, expert reports and sworn certificates, legal disclaimer documents, instructions, confidentiality agreements, authentication, legal certifications, legal reports, letters of credit, litigation, passports, death certificates, last wills and testaments, immigration documents, judicial agencies, court documents. Therefore, you should choose a certified translation office.

How to Contact Jawda Certified Translation Company

You can reach out to Jawda Certified Translation Company through social media platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp, or via phone call. Our customer service will respond to you, addressing all your inquiries related to Jawda’s translation services. The company has a legal translation office in Sharjah, a certified legal translation office in Ajman, a legal translation office in Egypt, a religious text translation office in Riyadh, a business document translation office in Riyadh, a medical report translation office in Riyadh, an embassy-certified translation office for both the U.S. and French embassies, a legal translation office in Abu Dhabi, a certified translation office in Sharjah, a certified translation office in Khobar, and a certified translation office in the eastern part of Riyadh. We also excel as the best among certified translation offices in Jeddah, Al-Jamea district. Furthermore, we have the best-certified translation office in Heliopolis, Cairo.

You can rely on us for various translation services, including marketing translation, engineering translation, journalistic translation, economic translation, medical translation, digital content translation, legal translation, video translation, scientific book translation, and commercial translation.

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